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A new season often brings about a variety of renovations of both the interior and exterior of your home. One great aspect of your home to start renovating in this year is your back or front yard landscapes starting with simple small yard ideas. Nevertheless, some homeowners can be discouraged by the amount of space they have available when redoing their backyard landscape design. However, our experts here can help you transform your small backyard into a large and inviting space for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Browsing through our variety of simple small yard landscaping designs ideas and pictures is a great way to acquiring inspiration for your overhaul. Plus, with our helpful tips and tricks, renovating your small yard landscape can be a fun and enjoyable do it yourself adventure for you to undertake this year!  Continue reading for some beautiful, but easy landscape ideas for small yards.


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Small yard landscapes can be a tricky thing to design because of the lack of available space to work with. However, by planning out your blueprints prior to getting started, you can easily create a beautiful landscape and simple hardscape design for your home. Great tools to utilize for your renovation are the landscape designers. You can download free landscaping software online, or for purchase in the store, that carry a variety of features such as a patio building tool, supply calculator, and even a cost estimation tool. Downloading online software for free is a great way to test out the myriad of programs and features available. Plus these programs offer a multitude of small yard landscaping ideas and pictures to provide you with popular simple design ideas such as rock gardens, patio floor plans, and elegant water fountains.


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Some of the most popular 2016 backyard landscaping designs that are predicted to be trending in the new year include utilize non-traditional elements in your design such as rock gardens and water features. Our galleries of small yard landscaping pictures show a variety of elegant water features such as fountains and ponds that can be incorporated into more miniature spaces, as well as ones that can be built into larger yards. Landscaping with rocks, such as pebbles or flagstone, is also a simple design that can help to keep your yard clean, organized, and free of unwanted water. In fact, utilizing rocks in your design is a great way to create a natural drainage for a small backyard landscape that is prone to flooding. Plus, because rock gardens, walkways, and paths are easy for the DIY homeowner to lay themselves, you do not have to hire professional landscapers to help with this project, making it an easy task to complete on a budget.


Small Yard Design Ideas


If you are looking for simple small yard landscaping ideas, you have come to the right place. With our myriad of most popular 2016 tips and tricks, informative articles and photos of small yard landscaping ideas, you will be able to find the design inspiration you have been looking for! When first searching for and developing small yard landscaping ideas it is important to focus on size, and measure your space to determine what features you can incorporate into your blueprints. For example, if your yard is relatively small you do not want to plant large and towering trees in your landscape because they will overwhelm your space. Instead, plant small shrubs and bushes for landscaping such as current, holly, or dwarfs that will take up little space, while still adding color and texture to your yard. In fact, planting dwarf shrubs and bushes are relatively simple landscaping ideas as they cost very little to plant, care for, and maintain.


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