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A great way to ring in the New Year is to give your home a brand new look. Whether you remodel the interior or the exterior of your home, there are ample design ideas to choose from. A great do it yourself project weekend is to give your backyard landscape a makeover. Changing the landscaping in your backyard can be a simple way to make your home look like a brand new place. From bushes and trees, to flowers and shrubs, there are many different options to choose from when designing your new outdoor landscaping. Find some of the most popular exterior style trends of 2016, so you can keep your space up to date. Search through our simple backyard landscaping ideas and pictures to find the perfect inspiration for your remodeling plans.


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If you are planning on redoing your backyard landscaping plans, a great way to start your do it yourself design process is to search through our photo galleries to find different ideas. Here you can find popular layouts that others have used for their backyard landscaping as well as what kinds of plants and accessories are trending. Pictures of backyard landscaping ideas can help you to determine the best layout and plan for your outdoor designs, no matter the size of the yard. You may think that it would be difficult to plan out a small yard. You can easily bring a whole new look to your smaller area with the addition of the perfect flowers and trees. In smaller yards you will want to stick to plants that are on the smaller side, not tall trees that will overcrowd the area. Our small yard landscaping ideas and pictures can help you find a simple landscaping plan for your little yard.


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If you have a larger outdoor area, you can opt for more simple landscaping ideas. Incorporate decks and patios and even lawn decorations into your design for a unique and beautiful look. You can find pictures of simple ideas that make use of lawn accessories and decorative plants to create an exotic look. If you live in a warmer climate, some of the best backyard landscape designs include planting palm trees for a nice tropical look. A popular 2016 backyard landscape designs includes incorporating a waterfall into your design. There are many different options for this, so searching pictures of backyard waterfalls can be a great way to decide upon the best design for your space. Even if you are on a strict budget, you can find some inexpensive materials to help you build a simple landscaping plan in the neighborhood.


Backyard Design Ideas


If waterfalls are too extravagant for your design taste, there are many other simple backyard landscaping tips to choose from. Some great simple garden designs and pictures include planting flowers in small gardens along the edges of your paths or patios. This can add a splash of color, while also keep a simple appearance. Another popular idea for your backyard is to plant tall trees along the edges of your property for a beautiful, yet simple, privacy fence. You can find great ideas for the types of plants to use in our simple landscaping ideas and photos gallery. No matter what your budget, you can create some beautiful and extravagant design plans for your exterior. A brilliant way to save money on your landscaping is to purchase items through online nurseries during the off season when you can find amazing deals.  Our design galleries can provide you with some great cheap backyard ideas on a budget, to help you keep your remodel inexpensive.

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