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Other popular materials to use for your patio flooring is brick. Like concrete, brick is a very durable and long lasting material that is naturally resistant to water and sun damage. Outdoor patio photos depict this material most often because brick is able to withstand inclement weather and adds a beautiful look to your home. Check out our brick patio pictures to see the top choices for incorporating this material into your outdoor home design. It is most often used in conjunction with brick homes of any color to maintain an elegant look. The only downside to using this material is the price. The cost to build a brick patio can be expensive, so make sure your budget can afford it.


The benefits definitely outweigh the cost because this material is not only weather resistant, but also fire resistant making it great for use with outdoor fireplaces or fire pits. Browse though our most viewed photo gallery to see images of the best patio pavers and award winning outdoor designs that incorporate fire pits and brick fireplaces into the layout of beautiful outdoor living spaces. In addition to concrete, stone, and brick, wood can also be used to construct a patio. While wood is most commonly used for raised decks or porches, it is a great material for outdoor use on a patio as well. Wood is both durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, with the adding bonus of blending in with the natural surroundings of your landscape. Wood patios look great in combination with flower garden ideas and bed designs.


These popular simple patio design ideas will provide you with images of the best designs with colorful flowers, beautiful vegetable gardens, or eye-catching bushes and trees to incorporate into your building plans. Our patio images of structures built with wood show beautiful designs that will provide you with the best exterior living space on your block. If you prefer a raised structure, check out our deck photo gallery of porches that are built from wood. Keep in mind that wood is the ideal material to use for uncovered patios or decks if you live in a hot climate because it does not retain heat as much as brick or concrete patio ideas, however you can also cover the area with a roof. If you are looking for a way to provide a roof or some type of shade structure to your outdoor living area, consider installing a patio cover.

Covered patio pictures show beautiful structures that block unwanted UV rays, protect from rain and other inclement weather, and add a wonderful, decorative touch to the area. Our patio gallery is filled with images of popular covered structures, including gazebos, arbors, awnings, and lattice structures. Other common additions that will enhance the look and feel including patio furniture ideas. The best landscaping design pictures include patio furniture that is great for use in entertaining guests, enjoying a meal outside, or providing you with a place to sit while watching the children play. You can find great sources of inspiration for furniture types, styles, and designs in our patio photos galleries. Furniture is an especially useful addition to small spaces because it enhances the space by creating a warm and cozy environment for you and your friends to enjoy. Take a look at our gallery of photos of small patio ideas to see the top ways of incorporating furniture, plants, and other décor into your exterior design and help creating your own outdoor oasis.

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