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If you are looking to revamp your backyard to enhance your living space and create an area for your family and friends to gather and enjoy the outdoors, consider building a patio. No home is complete without a beautiful outdoor living space for children to play on, entertaining guests, or just enjoying one another’s company in a relaxing outside environment. Designing outdoor patios for your home will not only increase its resale value, but also add to your family’s quality of life. Simple patio designs and photos show that there are countless options to choose from when it comes to building your outdoor space, and each design has its own advantages and disadvantages.


When factoring in the location, size, and style of your home, it is important to select the best outdoor patio design based on your needs to ensure that your exterior living space is both functional and attractive. The best way to choose the right patio design plans is to find inspiration from photos. Enjoy large photo gallery including landscaping design pictures, top 2016 decorating ideas and designer tips to help you make the most out of your space. Pictures of patios will provide you with wonderful ideas about the design of your outdoor area including the size, shape, and even materials to use. There are many different ways to design your exterior living space ranging from a simple concrete slab to elaborately arranged stone patio pavers. While the number of options to find the best patio pavers may seem daunting, it is also fun!


Our patio design photos will help to make the process less intimidating and aid you in becoming a creative do it yourself designer. The first step in your building process should be to choose the right material for your home. Our pictures of backyard landscaping ideas provide images of a variety of different design options with both decks and patios including most popular 2016 materials of concrete, wood, brick, and stone. Concrete is one of the top materials for outdoor use because it is durable, easy to maintain, and is able to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Concrete also offers a wide selection of design choices ranging from simple cement slabs, to chic marble stains that are shown in our concrete patio images gallery online. Another material that is popularly used for patio flooring is stone. Stone adds a natural and elegant look to any area and is especially great for traditional styled homes.

There are a variety of different types, sizes, and colors of stone patio pavers to choose from, including flagstone, cobblestone, and travertine. Scroll through our stone patio pictures to see images of different designs, landscaping with rocks ideas, design layouts, and material combinations that can be used. For those homeowners who prefer a natural look, consider using stones cut into rudimentary shapes to imitate the innate structure of the rocks. For those wishing to establish a more organized look, choose stones that are cut into geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, or circles. These simple landscape designs 2016 and decorating ideas are best used for traditional and contemporary styled homes and are referred to as pavers, which are blocks that can be made of brick, stone or concrete cut into different shapes. View our patio paver pictures to familiarize yourself with these types of materials and the outdoor designs that they can be incorporated into.

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