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Decks are a trendy and functional addition to any front or backyard because they provide your home with an extra room to relax and spend time outdoors. While there are many different materials to choose before learning how to build a wood deck, hard wood tends to be the most popular option today. Wooden decking is the most sought after construction material because it is both long lasting, strong, and offers a natural, aesthetic appeal that no other material can provide. The natural colors, beautiful textures, and distinctive grains present in the wood are what make it the most desired outdoor deck material. Although all woods are naturally attractive, not all types are created equal. Each type of wood is suitable for various projects and has their own advantages and disadvantages.


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Learning how to build a wood deck can be easy. It is important to pick the best wood for decking to ensure that the structure is sturdy and durable. Here we provide quality information on the types of wood to use as well as the top 2016 simple deck design ideas and plans to help you create the perfect outdoor living area for your home. When picking the type of wooden floor you would like to use on your deck, it is important to choose the material that suits your needs and functions well in your climate. One of the most common types of lumber used to construct outdoor structures is cedar. Cedar for decks is a popular choice because it is a strong, and solid softwood that is both durable and innately resistant to fire and rot. This makes cedar deck boards the ideal choice for areas that are prone to excessive moisture or dry heat.


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In 2016, the best wood for decking designs and ideas are built with stability and durability in mind. Not only can they hold up against fire and rot, but cedar offers affordable decking material prices and easy installation. Another popular lumber in 2016 is red wood. Red wood decking is great for refinishing a deck because, like cedar, it is a solid softwood, however, it contains more natural chemicals that make it more resistant to fire and rot. Another great type of natural wood to use for your deck is oak. Oak is well-liked type of timber decking that is readily available, inexpensive, and contains chemicals similar to cedar and redwood that make it resistant to rot and decay. Although these types of lumber are great for building a wooden deck, their cost can be somewhat pricey. If you are looking for what is the best decking material that is both affordable and durable, consider using pressure treated lumber.


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The most popular 2016 wood deck ideas inclue pressure treated decking lumber less expensive that cedar and redwoods, requires less maintenance and is more durable. The best pressure treated wood for decks tends to be pine, oak, or fir. These materials are chemically infused with weather, rot, and insect resistant coatings that enhance its resilience and extend the life span of your deck. One disadvantage of using natural or treated wood for materials construction and finishing a deck is that over time it can become cracked, warped, discolored, or dried out. The best way to prevent this is to refinish wood, seal and clean it often. How to build a wood deck is easy, requiring a quick wash and then using a high quality stain followed by an epoxy sealer with water and UV resistance. Sealing your deck will not only add to the look of the wood, but also protected from unwanted damage.


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