Tap Glance is number one on our list of favorite interior design apps for any room in the house allowing users to produce the most photo-realistic, high definition, 4K images while also being the most user friendly and simplistic software for your smartphone and tablets. This app takes 3D scenes of your room and renders the heavy processing graphics in the cloud giving the end user a quick and seamless interaction with the app. Unlike professional home design software programs, you do not have to be a professional to use Tap Glance and the online tutorial makes it simple to pick up and immediately begin creating your dream kitchen. Upon testing with no prior experience, we literally had a new kitchen design processed and shared with co-workers within 15 minutes. This interior design app is a one-time fee app purchase and includes thousands of items and materials and cloud rendering super processing speeds. Professional designers can also upload their logo to include on client proposals.


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Homestyler is our number two choice of favorite home design apps downloadable for mobile devices. The app works great for your new kitchen design as it allows you to visualize how appliances, cabinets and furniture would lay in your home design plan before you buy them. You simply start by taking a photo from your IOS or Android device and the app will begin transforming the space into a virtual room. The Homestyler app is very generic and geared towards general purpose home design. The app includes thousands of room styles and templates to get you started including apartments, lofts, studios, duplexes, outdoors and houses. Their niche is bringing you 100,000 furniture and accessories choices with the option to buy after building your 3D design. This popular room design app is also very unique with its fun social networking community that offers daily interior design challenges allowing users to vote and win prizes. Unlike other room design apps, Homestyler also has a desktop version so you can seamlessly log in on your computer or TV and visualize your drawings on the large monitor.

Coming in at number three of the best kitchen design apps for your smartphone is Home Design 3D, an intuitive app for drawing both 2D and 3D floor plans that includes decorating features that are very customizable for your home. In addition to basic functions of selecting furniture, accessories and decor while visualizing the end result, you can also share and download ideas and plans from other users in their large online community. While this app is designed to handle any room in your home, it does have great kitchen design features making it one of our preferred mobile apps. Once you have the room floor plans finalized, you can begin customizing the design with their large assortment of floor material options and colors, ceiling shape, wall decor, and decorating materials (wood, plaster, tile and stone). Other great features putting this to the top of our list include the capability to import blueprints and save via your favorite cloud drive (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc). The floor plan creator tool is used by a wide variety of people including home decor enthusiasts to students and professionals. Unfortunately this app is specifically designed for Android and does not yet have an IOS version to download.

Number four on our top smart phone list for kitchen design apps is Planner 5D, a native app accessible on Windows and MacOS desktops, IOS and Android. When you first launch this software you are encouraged to try it out for free and not bombarded with ads promoting the sale until after you are done your floor plan layout. Of course all things free have their limits including restricted catalog and access to high quality digital images. However you can use these premium services for free for 3 days so you can better access if they are needed for your room design. Either way you will need to set up an account before saving your designs, but that is a given with all free kitchen software programs. You are given the choice to either enter the dimensions of your kitchen yourself or taking a picture with your phone and letting it build the floor plan for you. You will then have a 3D virtual representation of the room and can choose from a long list of available templates to get you started. Editing your room is simple by adding walls, inserting windows and doors and choosing what types of finish and items to decorate with.



Last on our list of top 5 best kitchen design apps is the free download by Houzz that not only designs your room for you, but also has all the chosen furniture for sale which is helpful to estimate your expenses in planning. This app is not only for your kitchen plans, but also works on any room in the house and outdoor design. The Houzz app has by far the highest ranking on both IOS and Android with it being close to a perfect 5 star. This app is not so much meant for building floor plans and 3D renderings of your kitchen, but instead helping you understand what types of materials you will need, furnishings, accessories and appliances and easily calculating your kitchen design budget. One feature of this free home design app is Houzz promotes Q&A community forums to help users ask questions about their kitchen in order to get ideas on layouts, styles, colors, decor, etc. However this is not a feature we recommend for soft hearted folks as the community can be rather rude pointing out faults on your current design based on pictures uploaded. There does not seem to be any monitoring on the comments and have a lot of rude replies.

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